Song #7 – The Final Good Life Concert

P = Popeye – the Being of Attraction
TW = The Wait – the Being of Patience
S = Spock – the Being of Logic

P – Life, is ending
TW – They’ll be singing their final song
TW – to their gathered followers
P – We’ll reach their city in minutes
P – I’ll prepare the Berserker Earth for their transfer. (This line added – December 0115.)

the concert hall’s filled
followers know right
never ending ecstasy
as one with stars so bright.

(b) soon this planet shall silence
our anthem sings our release
every cell to conscious mind
as life forms do decease.

Free-dom space
End – this race
Minus – life
End – all life!

all together now
we pledge our total death
sing with me you living bas…


S – The planet has been cleared of life
P – Where, is that ship???

Lyrics written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – October 2914 – 2pm30 – 2pm41

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