Song #6 – Moon Base Ship

P = Popeye – the Being of Attraction
S = Spock – the Being of Logic
TW = The Wait – the Being of Patience
F = Faerie – the Being of Karma / Emotions

S – Popeye, our Berserker ship is en-route
S – it shall arrive within 3 of their days
F – I’ve been monitoring their conversations
F – and they seem to know, that something is wrong
P – HOW???
F – I cannot feel why.  But they are preparing ships on their planet
P – Well enough.  Our Berserker will arrive in time.

it ha begun!
the Berserker is awake
first planet destruction
all the lives it’ll take.

other places
Soon we will find
plants animals people
death to every kind.

S – Berserker has arrived
S – photo torpedoes launched
TW – this will take time
P – A ship left one of the moons!
S – It’s exiting the solar system
S – and … it, disappeared.
S – Illogical.
P – The Moon Base Ship?


Lyrics written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – October 2114

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