Song #4 – Wheel of Fortune

P = Popeye – the Being of Attraction
S = Spock – the Being of Logic
TW = The Wait – the Being of Patience
F = Faerie – the Being of Karma / Emotions

P – we have our tool
P – to spread our ‘good’ word
S – if they are good
S – all should believe
TW – they’re simple but over time
(speech sample) “I repeat.  I repeat.”
P – they will, convince.

we must have these Beings
build for us a machine
travel far to spread our word
infuse the logic of our meaning.

the Universal beauty
that which we destroy
our virus the infection
to end it must deploy.

The Wheel of Fortune
It’s card we dealt today
The Wheel of Fortune
Life we’ll end our way.

the berserk activities
that life forms range in force
a smart machine to wipe them out
the only answer of course!

a Berserker may carry us to
life form destinations
said these beings will build for us
The Kreator we name you thus!

(repeat 7.4)

over time we will guide
without them conscious realize
calm attraction to
our satisfaction
self accepted hypnotize.

S – perfect
P – success. Life for all shall end
TW – construction has begun
F – The Kreator they call us?
P – Heh. We shall, create their end!


Lyrics written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – October 1514-1614

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