Song #2 – Our Mission

if we can find
others like us
think and feel the same
spread our messages.

the more that believe
feeling the same way
get our point across
helping spread our say.

Our Mission
Our Mission
The end, of life!

ev-ery day
spreading our seed
others hard to find
understand our need.

living forms pollute
wasting resources
destructive forces.

(Repeat 7.4)

the Universe doesn’t need
irregular life occurance
against all known prediction
we must bring,
complete destruction.

(Repeat 7.4)


Lyrics written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – October 0814 – ~8pm32 – 8pm52
Music ideas for this song, originated on February 1715, by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator (Will fill in the further details later.)

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