Spock – song #1 – the Being of Logic

      All Has Begun - Spock - song #1 - The Being of Logic - Ryk John Miller Thekreator

(((Spock states clearly, there are only the yes / no choice.  It momentarily wavers though, showing that it is at least aware of something between.   Cancelling it’s own wandering though; returning to it’s stubborn point.)

or nothing
this or that
there is no other.

but what
is between?
we all came
from grey
opposite might attract
no, don’t bet on that
grey became
black and white.


this or that
only choice
no there’s nothing
in between
I wasn’t
I am

(repeat 7.4)


Lyrics written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – November 0614

2 thoughts on “Spock – song #1 – the Being of Logic”

  1. Jan. 2216 – 12pm43

    This isn’t working as the 1st tune for Spock. I’d like to pull in the sound from the one that I had done the other day, with the thoughts of using it for the intro of each individual.
    On top of that, there is a very strong dis-connectedness early in this one as the rhythm, bass and words start. Spock = logic. It has to be precise, at the very beginning, introducing Spock.
    Disconnection will come in over TOP of the precision, when mention of grey / in between comes about.
    This tune has to be redone, from this version.

  2. Looks like I had lost myself. This is NO LONGER, song #1. The real song #1 was written / recorded on Jan. 0316-0416. I’ll have to post it here and correct this.

    Song #2 – Yes, No, Maybe – was started this morning.

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