Song #4 – The Wait – the Being of Patience – Patience Befriends Greed

calmness – aggression
peaceful – war
give – take
graceful – 1st place.

(b – change)
all in time will come – take what you can and run
beauty serenity appreciate – no time must have right now
embrace and share forgive – stay your mack in greed
calm the wait anticipate – profit and gloat it’s mine!

Do I give
Or do I take
What will I decide?
If I share then
I don’t gots
What will I decide?

left hand right hand – the two will rarely speak
can’t always and ever let go – hands shaking calmness or nerves?
time’s your friend – enemies they had been
trust the wait – I must think …

(repeat 7.4)


Lyrics written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – November 1014

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