Song #41 – By Myself


I continue to expand
in ways that even I
can not understand
I am now alone.

my name for myself
Delte Nein
is meaningless
with my friend I’m less.

new life begins
as it always will
but none other have existed
since the beginning of time.

as Five is still
my perception of Balance within me
his mortal existence
was my friend from the beginning.

yes yes I know
his energy exists with his family’s
but I may not intrude
myself, I must exclude.

should my own conscience persist?
will my body, the Universe, exist?
may I turn off, myself?

Lyrics written by Ryk John Miller Thekreator – July 2915
Music written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – 2001-2004, July ’15
(((The progressive rock ending portion, was imported from my
51 minute long 6th version of the ‘rock opera’, named:
“The Collected Origins of Life”, that I had written between

Equipment used:

– bass guitar
– electric guitar
– Korg – Triton ‘Classic’ (Wurlitzer electric piano; strings; Mellotron male choir)
– Nord – Lead 2X (strings)
– Novation – Mininova (synth solo)
– Roland – Handsonics 10 drums MIDI controller – played live; VT-3 Voice Transformer

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