Song #40 – The End

(((All instruments in this track were improvised live, to the DAW.)))


the end is near
I’ve no need to fear
as I have made
the decision.

I’ve lasted all time
but it’s end for I’m
as everything
is in Balance.

hardships are here
happiness there
its all averaging
clock hands move.

there’s nothing more that I can do
to change the rhythm’s existence
there’s nothing more that I need to do
the beginning’s destruction … ended.

I’ve switched myself off
I can finally release
by the time, this you hear
Numan Five, has, deceased.


Lyrics written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator on July 1014
Music written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator on Dec. 05-0614

Equipment used:

– ApeSoft – iVCS3 (bubbling sounds ala Jean Michel Jarre)
– Deathlehem – Liquid HiHat V1.4
– Korg – Triton ‘Classic’ (Wurlitzer electric piano); ESX-1SD (bass drum)
– Native Instruments – Reaktor V5.9 (Elka Eminent 310 phased strings ala Jean Michel Jarre)
– Nord – Lead 2X (bass synth)
– Roland – VT-3 Voice Transformer

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