Song #4 – Assignment


Genre: Electropop

after discussion amoungst themselves
the remaining 4 Beings elected Light – the Being of Power
to go forth and assign Five
the task of saving a life form on a planet they had created.

should Five save the human race,
upon the planet Earth,
the 4 Beings would then allow Five
to become, a Being.

!!! April 0817
The music for Song #4 is going to be completely rewritten.  I had ‘recycled’ the music from my 1999 ‘hit’ – Asimov’s Robots, for Song #4.  The music doesn’t fit the words at all and the added Chorus (7.4) doesn’t really serve much purpose.  I’m removing it. !!!

And Five is born again
Given an assignment
To young yet to have self thoughts
Like an Asimov’s Ro-bot.

the remaining 4 Beings did not inform
Five of their overall lie,
they were getting along fine,
without the Being of Balance.

with this task they planned,
to eventually destroy the human race,
so that Five,
would never be able to complete it’s task.


Lyrics written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – January ’01
Original music written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – March to April ’92
Lyrics rewritten by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – Aug. 1714
The music for this track was originally used for my 1999 ‘hit’ at – Asimov’s Robots. I AM going to be scrapping the music for this tune, writing new music for it in a similar genre.  For now – this one will do.

The lyrics and music for Assignment are (C)2014 by:
Ryk John Miller Thekreator


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