Song #35 – A New Homes


the decisions had been made in conversations with Numan Five
Delte Nein would skip back in time to recover the original moon
base inhabitant’s selves, to replace them in their current
bodies on Rania.

Delte Nein made a globular announcement to every living person,
in brief, explaining to them what had happened to their original
planet and moons that they had named Earth and how it had all
been resolved.
As well, Delte Nein let them know of the new homes that it would
be moving them to.  Planets throughout the Universe, on which
they would start new civilizations.

Yes they may bring with them all of their belongings and
technologies to ensure their own comforts for the rest of
their lives, but, they would have to continue to develop
each of their own civilizations on their own, without any
further assistance from Delte Nein.
Those who wished to remain on Rania would be taken
care of for each of their eternities, as lifeless and static
as Rania may seem.

Less than 10 percent were to remain?  Doing and soon done.
Proper ships would be ready to carry the remainder of
the Ranians to their new home planets within approximately
1 Ranian year.

In great thanks to Numan Five for who and what he was,
Delte Nein let him know of the departure date of the
ship that he would be boarding, for a newly discovered
planet that he may name, Earth.


Lyrics written by Ryk John Miller Thekreator – Aug. 1514 – 2am54
Music written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – Mar 2315

Equipment used:

– ApeSoft – iVCS3
– Korg – Volca Beats
– Nord – Lead 2X

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