Song #31 – Displeasure


distaste had taken hold
from some Earthlings of old
un-realness of Rania
stirred unhappy into the fold.

living lifeforms wanted
a real living planet
not a facade rendition
as the maker had planned it.

boredom grew to madness
disruptive groups here and there
old timers talked the times of old
Delte Nein heard their despair.

in consultation with Numan Five, Delte Nein revealed
other disturbances through it’s Universal existence
mysterious ships appearing out of nowhere
attempting to destroy a Puppeteer race
planets destroyed for Kzin and Vulcan beings
and many others they had no idea about.

in monitored conversations that Delte Nein had felt
mention of this Good Life from sources it couldn’t find
strengthening impressions though of feelings before unknown
at it’s age of six billion years plus, why has it taken so long?

details back and forth between the two of them
and realizations began to form:
Five had been wondering why it always preferred Balance
where at times that things were logical,
could also work out emotionally fair,
where certain amounts of power and attraction
would create and maintain a karma now and then
along with proper amounts of patience.

and for Delte Nein
the entire conversation
spawned the beginnings
of it’s self-realization!


Lyrics written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – Aug. 1414 ~12pm45 to 1pm07
Music written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – ’14

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