Song #30 – The Great Above


F – They’re operating as expected
F – Selling the virtue of what they are
S – The planet people seem confused
TW – They will be converted in time.

P – What – is THAT?
P – Flames that don’t burn?
P – Bone for a face?
S – Illogical
F – I’m scared!

“Numan Five?  Something’s not right
they have no emotions,
outside of selling their beliefs.
Not even concern for where they are.”

“Delte Nein, what they’re selling
doesn’t make any sense.
Coming back to the Great Above?
We need, to find out more.
Do you not believe,
that they’d be beyond happiness,
having essentially been rescued
from destruction?”

“This isn’t right… I don’t believe.
They seem … unbalanced;
not normal … almost as if they’ve…”

“Been programmed?”

“Yyyyyyyes.  That seems quite … logical?
Wait … WHY do I have a … an impression
of their action BEING very logical?  That
makes no sense … something …

And another impression … so far away but …
something that I am almost able to feel is that …
we should wait …”



Lyrics written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – Aug. 13-1414
Music written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – ’14

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