Song #29 – What Are They Selling?


Numan Five had never mentioned the peculiarities
of his birth home planet Rania, to Delte Nein.
nor had he brought forth his depressed feelings
as to his parent’s life disappearing and their only son Numan Six, dying.

depression alternatively could drag him down
as well as fuel his mind in unexplored observations.
seeing things, in new ways, that were never before possible
spewing forth philosophies, at new realizations.

the imbalances of the Moon Base ship’s peoples
struck Numan Five like a hard slap to the mind:
no emotions, like ancient robots
like they’d been programmed to all be the same kind.
what was their purpose?
weren’t they happy to be alive?
the boring Utopia that Rania were
would raise cheers to any arrived.

in a rushing climb from his previous depressed(ive) depths
Numan Five brought mention of this forth to Delte Nein
notice all the Ranian’s helping these people out
confusion on their faces as they lead these people about.
almost like the ship people are trying to sell them something.
their persistent enthusiasms to everyone they greet.
to follow what they’re saying, pointing to the sky above,
at some imaginary greatness, that they cannot resist.

leaving the safety of the monitoring station
Numan Five and Delte Nein headed to the crowd
to interview a few of the ship’s inhabitants
and see what they may find out.


Lyrics written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – Aug 1314 – 1pm37
Music written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – August 1414

Equipment used:

– Native Instruments – Reaktor V5.9
– Nord – Lead 2X

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