Song #28 – The Good Life Resurrection

      The Good Life Resurrection - Ryk John Miller Thekreator

it’s so fantastic
a moon base ship’s arrived.
survivors yes
high fiver’s fest
a welcomed light from the sky.

the ship has landed
they’re no longer stranded
Ranian’s rush to give a hand.
housing they’ll provide
provisions supplied
welcome to their safe new land.

What a surprise they have concealed
Not a chance it will be revealed
The Good Life Resurrection
The Good Life Resurrection. (echo Resurrection, for a good length of time)

are they really enthused?
no gleam in eye
some wonder why?
a few are not amused.

‘give us a chance
don’t look just glance’
landing party says to themselves.
most of the crowd
surrounding around
lemmings jumping off the cliff.

(repeat 7.41)
What a surprise they hope’s concealed
Is there a chance it will be revealed?
The Good Life Resurrection
The Good Life Resurrection.


Lyrics written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – Aug. 12-1314
Music written by:┬áRyk John Miller Thekreator – ’14

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