Song #22 – Contact

      Contact - Ryk John Miller Thekreator

a beautiful warm day outside
but U8 lay quietly on her noncom,
strange thoughts had just passed
through her mind giving her commands.

“Come to a high level residence
in Sector 7” was all she understood
not having anything else to do
she decided to follow her thoughts.


coming to the polysteel facade
of the high level residence
she was mentally told
“This is the place, please come in.”

walking into a dimly lit lobby
realizing instantly who stood before her
she opened her mouth to speak
but found Delte Nein’s thoughts entering her mind.

(repeat 7.4)

instead of speaking using thought transfer
Delte Nein and U8 carried on a light conversation
while gliding up on the elkavator
to Delte Nein’s residence to conversate.

(repeat 7.4)


Lyrics written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – January 0782
Lyrics edited by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator on November 1514
Music written and recorded by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – November ’14

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