Song #2 – Self-sentience Becomes


Genre: Electropop

( . )( . )
“Barely yet out of thee,
nothing / anti-nothing womb,
star lit twinkling imaginations, awaken.”

Popeye – the Being of Attraction
wanting for more and never for less
attractive nebulae catching it’s eye
gleaming in bloated self-interest.

Faerie – the Being of Karma / Emotion
impressed by Popeye’s grandeur
distaste for the logical Spock
worried at how beautiful it were
no time at ease as with The Wait
from awe to disgust to worried impatience
then happiness with nary a balance.

with Spock – the Being of Logic
a yes or a no it always is
just instant decision
accurate not precision
happy lament cannot exist.

The Wait – the Being of Patience
can pause for eternities
or want it yesterday
situation-ally dependent
and easily influenced.

for Five – the Being of Balance
as the Universe unfolds
beyond sizes it may instantly grasp
yet satisfied overall.

( \|/ )
“Babies yet they only were,
at a few million years of age,
as time would pass they were sure,
to with selves and the Universe engage.”


Lyrics written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – July 24-2514
Music written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – July 2814

The lyrics and music for Self-sentience Becomes are (C)2014 by:
Ryk John Miller Thekreator


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