Song #17 – Five Is Reborn


crying giggling and squirming
baby Numan Five takes his first step
mother’s unexpected growth
infertility lost it’s bet.

(((Five starts seeing things that are and aren’t balanced)))

“My daddy’s eyes,
don’t look like the sky’s blue
but my mother’s eyes
really do!

“The fences are white
unlike the blue snow
that’s hiding the grass.
Is it still below?

“Why does this, equal that?
Why does a scale, have to be even?
Uncle Johnny was a race car driver
He drove so god damned fast
If he drove just more considered
Accident wouldn’t have made him last.”

Placed into the wife
Of an infertile husband
Five is born again.
The Beings thought a new life’s
Ego inflating mother
Would taint her son’s views

something inside
the presence of Five
already knew,
what was right.

years passed learningly by
fights and trials help Five form
an overview kindling
fairness to all the norm.

as the boy becomes a man
learnings realizings begin to gel
where there’s peace on Rania
elsewhere some-thing’s not well.

how close it were to home
Five were still too young to ‘know’
another auto accident takes his parents
coming over the newscast show.

Placed beside his wife
Her ever-loving husband
Numan Four.
The Beings ended the new life’s
Ever loving parents
But Five, was reborn.

something inside
the presence of Five
already knew,
what was right.

for a time Five cried
no presence of parents
what could he do?
lament not, lament not …
was not right.


Lyrics written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – July 06, 16, 1714
Music written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – ’14

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