Song #10 – The Construction of Rania

      The Construction of Rania - Ryk John Miller Thekreator

an anti-matter.matter fusion core
to power the planet – so large.
taking only minutes to complete it,
7 cubic meters in size,
powerful enough for no compromise.

masses of inner structure
extremely complex architecture.
the inner domain quickly finished
the outer shell now started
almost completed – all ugliness has diminished.

The Construction of Rania

the planet now completed
a message has been sent out,
to all inhabited planets – reading:

‘All those who need a peaceful place to live,
I have built it here for you…..’

the message was sent out immediately
after the planet’s completion,
Aardonn 25th,2270
reaching planets within minutes
people would be arriving very soon.

(repeat 7.4)


Lyrics written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator РJanuary 0582
Music written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – November 0185-1085
Recorded by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator РNovember 1085
Rerecorded by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator¬†– January, ’87
Rerecorded by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator in late May ’14

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