Song #18 – Five – Human Male Single

      Five (Human Male Single) - Ryk John Miller Thekreator

his parents now dead
he decides to venture out on his own
today is Aarvorr 2nd 2289, the season is Zenvorr.

Numan 5 now eighteen years of age
has started to tire of his surroundings,
living in the small town of Santunn 23
with a population not too astounding.

loading his most important possessions
into his silent person mover he thinks
about his life so far on the planet Rania
and how good it has been to him.

Numan Five
Human Male Single
Numan Five
Human Male Single.

programming the course computer for, metro one
N5 sits back in a reclining position,
and quietly drifts off to sleep for the trip
which will only take an hour of one.

waking abruptly as he entered the boundary
he starts to take in the view of the city’s towers
taking his S.P.M. off automatic, he glides
silently onto the city’s main autobahn.

(repeat 7.4)

pulling into the nearest temporest
N5 glides to a stop and motions out of his S.P.M.,
with a change of clothing he drifts into the office
of the the temporest and inquires about a removed: tempo room.

sitting his his room he starts to think,
about what he’ll removed: shall do in the largest of Rania’s cities,
Metropolis 1, with a population replaced: of near 2.5 million
is the planet’s main city, where the most important people reside.

mysterious thoughts start flowing into his his mind,
thoughts that he cannot understand what so ever,
he also knows now where they’re removed: they are coming from,
but he knows he’ll find out where, they are coming from.

(repeat 7.4)


Lyrics written by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator¬†–¬†January 0582
Music originally written and recorded by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – October ’86
New music written and recorded by: Ryk John Miller Thekreator – ‘1417

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