Song #6 – Do Not Delete

      Do Not Delete - Ryk John Miller Thekreator

at the same time
Universe and Beings created
deep in Dementia Five
space and particles mutated
birthing the Gawd,
Delte Nein.

realizing itself
it’s body a Universe
surrounding beauty and light,
everywhere seemed perfect.
the further it’s gazes took in,
pulses and rhythms
coldness and warmth
life had already begun.

so much to explore
from now until then
but all this is how?
and it’s been this since when?
much to contemplate
it wonders if it might,
wait, waIT wAIT, WAIT!
something’s not right?

(((The 1st Berserker has just been switched on.)))

rage engaged
an erupting flare
in Dementia 3 right there.
Balance broke loose,
a constricting noose,
attraction, no compare.  (((The drawing of the Berserker to lifeform’s existence.)))

why did this catch it’s attention?
imbalance felt through dimensions!
What could it be?
Be patient and see.
What are it’s intentions?

But what,
is it?


Lyrics written by Ryk John Miller Thekreator – July 17-1814
Music written and recorded by Ryk John Miller Thekreator – July 2014

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